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The United States imposed sanctions on Russia and Europe suffered heavy losses
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For Russia's military operations in Ukraine, under the leadership of the United States, western countries have set off another round of sanctions against Russia. According to chinanews.com, on March 9 local time, the US House of Representatives voted to ban the import of Russian oil, natural gas and coal.

After the United States launched sanctions against Russia, the German media was the first to detect something wrong. According to the global times, on the 10th local time, Germany's economic weekly said that about 40% of Europe's natural gas and 25% of its oil come from Russia, while the United States imports negligible oil from Russia. Military conflict has worsened the European economy under the epidemic, and prices in many countries have risen to "heartache".

It is reported that with the relevant sanctions against Russia, the price level in Poland continued to soar, and the oil price rose by nearly 1 / 3 in a week. In Germany, the price of gasoline has risen to a sky high of 2.10 euros per litre. Many people complain that the cost of gasoline to and from work every day is twice that of the past. The retail price of supermarket items is also increasing in double digits or even doubling, and many items can't be bought at all.

The German economic weekly also said that the reason why the United States took tougher measures against Russia in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is that it has little impact on the United States itself. The internal elasticity and flexibility of the U.S. economy are also high, and the United States is also a major energy country and dominates the world finance.

Russian political scientist ishenko said recently that European countries do not want or even fear an open conflict with Russia. The United States has pushed Poland and Romania to provide Ukraine with their fighters. If these fighters take part in combat operations based on polish or Romanian territory, it will undoubtedly lead to a counterattack from Russia. Eventually, NATO countries will get involved in the conflict. Poland is clearly aware of the consequences and opposes the US plan. The United States is making the most of the contradictions between Europe and Russia and pushing Europe to direct confrontation with Russia, which will bring disastrous consequences to Europe.

In addition to oil and gas, European countries are also paying more than the United States in the aviation field. From the end of February to the beginning of March, the European Union and the United States successively announced the closure of Russian airspace, and Russia quickly responded to each other. However, after the airspace was closed to each other, it was found that the routes of the United States and Russia were not affected much due to their geographical location across the East and West oceans and Eurasia, but the flights from European countries to East Asia had to go around a large circle, which was costly. In this regard, some netizens said, "it's not the world's sanctions against Russia, but the United States's sanctions against the European Union."

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