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Digital RMB improved barrier free payment
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On March 10, the reporter of Beijing business daily noted that the digital RMB (pilot version) app was updated again, including improving accessibility services and password support for "Narration" reading; Optimize the process of retrieving login password, which is safe and convenient; Improve face recognition function and continuously improve accuracy; Add more service tips and clearer guidance.

It is worth mentioning that at present, for serving visually impaired users, the digital RMB app has basically completed the adaptation of screen reader, which has also been widely concerned in the industry. The reporter of Beijing Business Daily found that after opening the mobile phone narration function, he entered the digital RMB app, including wallet balance, page Jump, money transfer function, collection and payment. There were voice narration prompts, and the operation process was smooth without any stuck problems.

In addition to improving the barrier free payment service, the reporter of Beijing business daily noted that the text display can also be enhanced in the digital RMB app. For some elderly people, the text display can be adjusted to an appropriate size.

In the view of the industry, these functional improvements have made the use of digital RMB safer and more convenient, and the coverage group has been further expanded. Therefore, digital RMB has taken another big step forward in terms of convenience and benefits. As Zhou Maohua, a macro researcher in the financial market department of Everbright Bank, pointed out, the pilot launch of digital RMB and the improvement of its use function are conducive to the promotion of the use of digital RMB on the one hand; On the other hand, the service population expanded and the function of digital RMB in financial inclusion was improved.

Wang Pengbo, senior analyst of Broadcom analysis, also said that now, the digital RMB is undergoing a comprehensive pilot. If it is fully launched in the future, it will certainly involve more scenes and groups, and the needs of the elderly and the disabled should be taken into account. The adaptation of screen reader is not only the embodiment of caring for such people, but also the response to promoting barrier free environment and aging adaptation. It not only helps expand the service population of digital RMB, but also is more conducive to the full scene application and promotion of digital RMB in the future.

Since the pilot of digital RMB, all walks of life have paid high attention to digital RMB. At this stage, the pilot has moved from comprehensive to in-depth.

For example, the people of Hainan Province have successfully paid the RMB digital service fee for the first time in Hainan Province.

In addition, recently, under the guidance of the Chengdu Branch of the central bank and the business management department of the branch, Sichuan Branch of China Construction Bank assisted the "Diandian" carbon neutralization platform of Sichuan United environment exchange to open the digital RMB payment function. Sichuan Electronic Information Industry Technology Research Institute purchased carbon credit (CCER) through several currency payment to offset the carbon emissions generated by its own conference activities, The carbon neutrality of the current meeting was realized. This business is also the first single online payment of digital RMB in the field of carbon neutralization, and the "Diandian" carbon neutralization platform has also become the first carbon neutralization service platform to access the application scenario of digital RMB in China.

In addition, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, digital RMB has also become a highlight of financial services for the Winter Olympics. According to the data, the pilot of the Winter Olympic Games has achieved full coverage of seven scenes, carried out three large-scale digital RMB pilot activities, landed 403000 scenes and a transaction amount of 9.6 billion yuan. Recently, the city of Changsha has launched a digital bus discount of 1%.

"Some important scenes have basically achieved full coverage, such as travel and daily life, which meet the retail positioning." In Wang Pengbo's view, the future digital RMB pilot scenario will break through, and it is suggested to expand more to b-end scenarios such as corporate settlement and inter enterprise transactions, because of the dual flow and unified characteristics of digital RMB. It is of great significance and convenience to solve many problems of b-end digitization.

"What we can see is that now, digital RMB is developing towards a safer, more convenient and more inclusive direction, constantly enriching the payment scenarios and making people prefer to use it." Zhou Maohua added that in terms of functional improvement in the future, digital RMB may further improve anti-counterfeiting, privacy protection, convenient cash withdrawal, fraud prevention, docking bank accounts and non bank payment and transfer, and strengthen hardware innovation. In addition, in terms of scenarios, online and offline activities need to be integrated to cover a wider range of payment transaction scenarios.

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