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BOCOG responded why there was no kimchi in the Winter Olympic Village Restaurant
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The Chinese Olympic Committee said that the biggest reason why the Winter Olympic restaurant did not prepare a lot of kimchi was that kimchi was unhealthy. This pickled food contained a lot of nitrite, which was not good for the human body.

South Korea, where vegetables are scarce and expensive, will eat kimchi every day, while China is rich in land and resources and can eat fresh vegetables at any time. Naturally, it is not necessary to give athletes this pickled food.

In fact, before the opening of the Winter Olympics, the relevant staff of the Olympic Village Restaurant said that this time, in order to provide rich food for Olympic athletes from all over the world, 600 or 700 kinds of food were prepared, and also to meet the needs of different athletes. Because everyone has different tastes, they want to take care of all kinds of tastes.

Koreans really like kimchi. Several Korean athletes in a row said they were not used to the food of the Winter Olympics through social media. Even one Korean athlete said he wanted to fly kimchi from Korea to the competition area, but it can be found from the menu of the Winter Olympics that in fact, each meal of the Winter Olympics prepared two kinds of kimchi, one is cucumber pickle, Another is Korean kimchi. In addition, there is no more kimchi variety.

As for why the Winter Olympics did not provide more kimchi varieties to the South Korean team during this event, so that they can enjoy it, BOCOG has given a very clear showdown attitude recently.

Shen Qianfan, director of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, made clear the requirements for catering for the Winter Olympics in an interview. He said that our winter Olympics is to provide basic nutrients for athletes in accordance with the requirements of the International Olympic Games, and on this basis, try to meet the different tastes of various countries.

In terms of diet, we should pay attention to the key information of nutritional components. Kimchi belongs to a kind of pickled food. In fact, this kind of pickled food does not have particularly large nutritional components. On the contrary, excessive consumption will endanger human health.

Therefore, for these top athletes, while pursuing delicious food, they should also consider the problems of nutrition, so they may make some sacrifices in taste. Through the statement of BOCOG, we can see that athletes' diet is not only about whether they can eat or not, We should also comprehensively consider the nutritional intake during the competition.

It can be said that this time BOCOG's statement really makes some South Korean players speechless and speechless. I believe they will understand some after knowing the truth. In the final analysis, it is for the sake of athletes' health.

This reality may have poked the sensitive and fragile self-esteem of Koreans. Koreans who have been growing up eating kimchi may not understand why other countries don't eat kimchi, so it's no wonder that the South Korean team secretly packs watermelon in the Winter Olympic restaurant. After the Olympic Committee team responded to the question why there was no kimchi in the Winter Olympic restaurant, netizens also made another interpretation of this question, that is, "China never uses pickles to entertain guests". Indeed, kimchi is regarded as a "national dish" by South Korea, but it is not a pickle on the table in China.

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