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What about the 515 aircraft leased to Russia
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After the West imposed large-scale economic sanctions on Russia because of the military action launched by Russia against Ukraine, many international aircraft leasing companies that rent aircraft to Russian civil aviation companies and other enterprises were foolish.

According to Reuters, under Western sanctions, these aircraft leasing companies are required to suspend their aircraft leasing contracts with Russia on March 28. But the Russian side, angry with the sanctions, is unwilling to cooperate. The Russian government is even preparing to enact a law requiring that the leasing expenses must be settled in russian rubles this year. If foreign companies suspend the leasing contracts with Russian enterprises, a special committee of the Russian government will also have the right to decide whether to detain these aircraft.

Reuters said that at present, Russia's domestic airlines have rented a total of 780 aircraft, of which 515 aircraft are rented directly from abroad, and believes that these aircraft are likely to be involved in the current wave of sanctions between the West and Russia, causing huge losses to relevant enterprises.

In addition, Reuters also mentioned that even if they find insurance companies to settle claims, these aircraft leasing companies also face great difficulties, such as how to legally define whether Russia's behavior belongs to the scope of claims and so on. This is why, long before the war between Russia and Ukraine, some aircraft leasing companies that had a hunch that the situation might deteriorate were already anxious to change hands on their Russian business.

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