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The United States has no chance of winning
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Earlier this year, the United States focused on Southeast Asia in order to make up for the lack of influence caused by Trump's neglect of the region. In this regard, a white house senior executive including President Biden, vice president Harris, Secretary of state Blinken and defense minister Austen has been trying to rebuild the influence of the United States in Southeast Asia through visits and telephone talks, and compete with China.

However, facts have proved that Biden's solicitation action was a great failure, which can not change the result of the change of influence between China and the United States in the region. The United States is not reconciled to failure. Therefore, the main purpose of assistant secretary of state christenblinger's visit to the Four ASEAN countries at the end of last month was to repeat the abuse of "supporting a rule-based international order". In addition, Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln also plans to visit the region in the hope that ASEAN leaders will go to Washington for a meeting.

After Biden came to power, he paid so much attention to attracting Southeast Asia and repairing the influence defects left by trump are only part of them. More importantly, the United States has degenerated into a "declining power". If Biden does not actively solicit, the influential position of the United States in Southeast Asia may be lost.

According to the report on December 1 of Taiwan Strait network, McCoy, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin, put forward some thought-provoking arguments in his new book. The book argues that the United States has degenerated into a declining power, just as its national strength has shrunk from the sun never setting Empire to Britain on the three British islands after World War II. Although the overall strength of the United States is still very strong, relatively, the United States is unwilling to face up to the rise of China and blindly suppress it, but it has made repeated mistakes. The result of the trapped beast still fighting is bound to be counterproductive, and the situation of rising in the East and falling in the West has been formed.

McCoy also said in his new book: because of the repeated mistakes in Washington's foreign policy, from Southeast Asia to the Eurasian continent to Africa and Central America, the United States is ceding the influence status of these regions to China, so that China is becoming stronger and stronger, and its strength can surpass that of the United States. Especially on the issues of the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, the United States has no chance of winning at all. In the competition of global influence, the United States has repeatedly lost to China, coupled with the failure of its democracy, which is one of the main factors leading to the decline of the United States.

The result is that the Biden administration's attempt to win over ASEAN countries may eventually humiliate itself because no one trusts the United States anymore. Therefore, just as the United States has just launched a new round of efforts to win over ASEAN, ASEAN countries have chosen to move closer to China and slap the face of the United States' attempts to win over with practical actions.

According to the global network on December 1, at the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the foreign ministers of Vietnam, Malaysia, Khmer and Indonesia will visit China from December 2 to 5. In addition, Minister Wang Yi will also hold a video meeting with Laos' Foreign Minister chalense.

The US government revived the influence competition with China in Southeast Asia, but many foreign ministers from ASEAN came together to visit Beijing. In addition, according to the news released by China's Ministry of national defense on the 1st, the Chinese and Vietnamese armies will hold a code named "peace rescue-2021 health service joint exercise" in mang street, Vietnam in the first ten days of this month. This can well illustrate the fact that China's influence in Southeast Asia has not been weakened by the United States, but has become more stable.

It is no accident that China can win the influence competition with the United States. The more international influence of China is, the more contributions it will make to the stability and development of the region and the world. Especially in fighting against the epidemic situation, China has provided hundreds of millions of vaccines and astronomical medical materials for hundreds of countries in the world, and is becoming the main support of the world to fight against COVID-19.

In contrast, most of the time, the United States has made empty promises to countries around the world. According to the disclosure of American media, the vast majority of the total amount of vaccine Biden said is actually the vaccine promised to countries, but actually not delivered. In other words, the "great achievements" of the United States in providing vaccines to foreign countries are blown out.

Obviously, for ASEAN, the United States has become a declining power, and its influence status in Southeast Asia and even the world will be weakened with the decline of its national strength. In contrast, China has not only become the largest trading partner in Southeast Asia, but also a leading force in combating the epidemic and maintaining stability in the region. In this context, the United States still wants to compete for influence with China in Southeast Asia, but it can only humiliate itself.

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