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H&M began to evacuate and the physical stores in China have been closed
Post on 03/13/2022 | keywords:H&M | Hits:304


H&M, which once made a fuss with many foreign brands such as Adidas and Nike in the "domestic market", has now heard the news that one of its brands has withdrawn its stores. Not only Chinese physical stores have been closed, but also online stores have announced that they will be taken off the shelves. Some netizens said: 1.4 billion Chinese people said to go well, we don't care.

In this era of highly developed manufacturing industry, clothing, food, housing and transportation have long been no problem. Therefore, as a clothing brand, H&M has nothing to retain. If it is not "official" announcement, no one may notice it. Especially after the cotton incident, how many people will like H & M? An enterprise that earns Chinese money but scolds Chinese people really makes people dislike it.

H&M's brands officially entered the Chinese market in 2015, and now it has been seven years. Because of some problems, it led to the closure. Adidas of the same batch is still frantically rescuing itself. Isn't H&M going to do something?

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