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Westerners don't care whether history is true or not
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Westerners, especially Americans and Britons, don't care about the authenticity of history at all. They only care about whether the description of history is beneficial to them. In order to make history in their interests, they don't hesitate to tamper with history. The United States and Britain have blatantly tampered with the history of World War II, which is closer to us. For the more ancient history, they tampered with it with ease and familiarity, without any psychological burden.

The purpose of compiling the history books of ancient Chinese dynasties is to show the legitimacy of this dynasty. It is inevitable to discredit the last emperor of the previous dynasty, but it is limited to this. For example, the Tang Dynasty wrote emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty badly, but it did not hide the achievements of Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty.

Moreover, ancient Chinese historians still have a sense of mission, and many historians dare to write directly. History books never cover up the truth about the merits of major historical events. Of course, the ancient Chinese usually looked at history from the perspective of Confucianism, which is the limitation of the times and can not be avoided.

In contrast, the Western description of ancient history has released itself. Westerners are obviously descendants of the Germanic barbarians, but they regard the Romans as their ancestors and the ancient Greeks and Egyptians as their ancestors. Since we recognize our ancestors, we should play our lives and blow a small place of ancient Greece into the sky, claiming that the whole Eurasian continent is influenced by ancient Greek culture. Even the style of the statues of Chinese terracotta warriors and horses and Mogao Grottoes is very similar to that of ancient Greece, which is influenced by ancient Greece. Some university professors even said that Chinese civilization came from the west, and the Xia Dynasty was ancient Egypt.

I've said many times that the economic foundation determines the superstructure. The most important criteria to measure an ancient country are population size and territory size. Ancient Greece was a tiny place with a population of less than one million and divided into hundreds of city states. What does it rely on to produce advanced culture? In the end, it is easy for normal people to think of the correct answer whether the Eurasian continent affected ancient Greece or ancient Greece affected the Eurasian continent.

Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Europe were all hit hard by historical fraud. Most of the archaeological discoveries in these areas in the news are false. Egypt has a ministry called the Ministry of tourism and cultural relics, which specializes in the management of archaeological excavations. Their cultural relics are not associated with history, but with tourism.

China is the country with the most complete historical records in the world. Maybe only Chinese people in the world care about the authenticity of history. Other countries always come from whatever is beneficial. Just let's know about it.

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