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Russia officially banned instagram
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On March 14 local time, Russia has officially blocked access to social media instagram.

Several Russian media confirmed the above news. In addition, the test results of the Internet connection detection website global check also showed that the local IP in Russia could not access instagram.

The relevant government departments of Russia announced the relevant decision last week and announced the ban in advance. On March 11, the Russian Federal Bureau of communications, information technology and Mass Media Supervision issued several news articles condemning meta for allowing its social media Facebook and instagram to release information containing calls for violence against Russian citizens.

According to the Department, according to the request of the attorney general's office of the Russian Federation, access to instagram in Russia will be restricted. Considering that instagram users need time to transfer photos and videos to other social networks and notify their contacts and fans, the Russian communications, information technology and Mass Media Supervision Bureau decided to block them from 0:00 Moscow time on March 14 to provide users with an additional 48 hour transition period.

On the 11th, the Department also said on the Russian public service website (www.gosuslugi. Ru) that Russia has its own social media such as Vkontakte, hoping that the masses can "quickly transition" to other platforms, "in the long run, you will find new communication and business opportunities". The statement also said that one of the purposes of the ban is to ensure the mental health of the people, especially children and adolescents, and protect them from Internet bullying and insult.

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, American video and social media giants, including twitter, Facebook and Youtube, have taken measures to jointly suppress voices from Russia.

On February 28, meta, the parent company of Facebook and instagram, announced that it would restrict Facebook access to "Russian state-owned media" within the EU. On the same day, twitter began to make special labels for "Russia today" and Russian satellite news agency, and continued to delete Russia's statements about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

On March 1, Google's video website YouTube announced that it would mask "Russia today" and Russian satellite news agencies within the EU. In addition, Microsoft also announced that it would no longer display the products and advertisements of "Russia today" and satellite news agencies, and would remove relevant applications from the app store.

In response to the western "information war", the Russian Bureau of communications, information technology and Mass Media Supervision issued a notice on the 4th to restrict access to the websites of some foreign media institutions in Russia, restrict access to Twitter and Facebook and block them.

On March 10, Reuters disclosed that an internal email of meta showed that the company had "temporarily adjusted" the hate speech policy of its social platform and would allow users in some countries to publish hate speech "calling for violence against Russia and Russian Arab soldiers" and even "killing Putin" on Facebook and instagram. On the same day, the Russian attorney general's office asked the Russian communications, information technology and Mass Media Supervision Bureau to characterize meta as an extremist organization and ban it.

On March 11, the investigation commission of the Russian Federation asked meta to allow users in some countries to post "under a certain context" calling for criminal filing of violence against Russians.

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