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China launches new communication technology experiment satellite
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China launched the Long March 5 carrier rocket on Friday evening, deploying an experimental satellite into space.

The rocket was launched from the coastal service tower of the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan Province at 7:30 pm and soon launched a satellite called "Communication Technology Demonstrator 11" into its designated orbit.

The satellite was built by another subsidiary of the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Sciences, the China Academy of Space Technology, and its mission is to verify multi band, high-speed space-based communication technology.

This mission is China's ninth rocket launch this year and also the 509th flight of China's main carrier rocket Long March series.

The next mission will be to deploy China's Chang'e-6 robotic probe to the far side of the moon and bring samples back to Earth.

Each Long March 5 carrier rocket has over 750 tons of propellant, a launch weight of 877 tons, and a payload capacity larger than any other rocket in China.

As one of the world's most powerful operable rockets, this massive spacecraft can transport spacecraft weighing up to 25 tons (the total weight of 16 medium-sized cars) to low Earth orbit, or transport spacecraft weighing up to 14 tons to geostationary transfer orbit.

In addition, it can also transport an 8-ton probe to the Earth Moon transfer orbit, or a 5-ton probe to the Earth Mars transfer orbit.

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