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China gives the solution to the Ukrainian crisis
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Putin's decision to recognize udong's independence detonated global public opinion in an instant. Russia's move means that it will not negotiate with Ukraine under the framework of the new Minsk agreement in the future. The ceasefire agreement in the agreement will also be invalidated, and the war in eastern Ukraine may continue on a small scale in the future. This decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been supported and recognized by the leaders of South Ossetia and Nicaragua. At the same time, China has also expressed its attitude on this matter.

Wang Yi, State Councilor and Minister of foreign affairs, spoke with Blinken in February 22nd to clarify China's views on the current situation in Ukraine. Wang Yi said that the reasons behind the development of the Ukrainian issue are complex. In the future, China will continue to express its position according to the merits of the matter itself.

China's position is full of wisdom and can more effectively solve the current Ukrainian crisis. The Ukrainian issue is complex. On the one hand, Russia's security demands are reasonable and should be supported. NATO cannot expand endlessly. But on the other hand, it also respects Ukraine's demands for territorial and sovereign integrity, which is in line with international principles. In addition, on the issue of whether China supports Russia's decision, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin also made a statement, saying that China will maintain communication and response with relevant parties according to the merits of the matter. The security interests of any country should be effectively guaranteed.

China's position is undoubtedly based on objective facts, which is very different from the West. For example, Britain and Australia treat the Ukrainian issue with a completely subjective position, blindly criticizing Russia and ignoring reasonable security demands. China has really given the solution to the Ukrainian crisis.

The reasons for the Ukrainian problem are complex, and these reasons are the key to the problem. The tension between Russia and Ukraine is only the external manifestation of these reasons. To completely eliminate the crisis in Ukraine, we must find out all the reasons behind the crisis in Ukraine and solve it through negotiation. Simply seeking negotiations between Russia and Ukraine can only ease the situation and can not effectively solve the fundamental problems.

The root of the eastern Ukraine problem lies in the lack of trust between Russia and Europe, and Ukraine is willing to act as the "one shot" of the United States. The United States continues to amplify the mistrust between Russia and Europe by promoting the eastward expansion of NATO, while Ukraine continues to ask to join NATO to provoke Russia's security sentiment. If NATO is willing to stop eastward expansion, Ukraine is willing to remain neutral and give up joining NATO, Russia goes against Europe and Ukraine, repairs trust relations step by step, and Europe remains independent enough not to be incited by the United States, then the Ukrainian problem will not exist.

If the west can take an objective position like China and take the Ukrainian issue seriously, I believe that with the unanimous promotion of the international community, the Ukrainian issue will not evolve into this situation. The reason why the West cannot treat this issue objectively is that they want to maintain the old hegemonic order.

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