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Taiwan Girl Finds Ancestor's Name in Mainland Family Tree
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On September 10, the Mid Autumn Festival, Lai Lai, a Taiwanese girl, announced on social media that with the help of netizens and relatives, she found her ancestral home in Xintiangong Village, Pinghe County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province through an address given by her father in the Qing Dynasty.

Lai Lai has worked in Beijing for four years. This Mid Autumn Festival plans to travel to Xiamen, Fujian Province. When his father learned, "he gave me an address in the Qing Dynasty so that I could have a chance to visit the hometown where my ancestors stayed."

During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Lai Lai went to Xintian Village, Zhangzhou. "After the local village committee contacted me, it also enthusiastically helped us contact the secretary-general and president of Lai's family temple." Lai Lai said that after checking and comparing, Xintian Village has 93 ancestors of Lai who migrated to Taiwan from the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty.

"Our ancestor is on the list." Lai Lai said, "I was really touched at the moment when I gave my name."

Lai Lai said that his father had always been worried about (looking for ancestors) and told her to "be cautious and follow the path of the future, and know where his roots are." She plans to return home with her family to worship her ancestors when the epidemic situation improves.

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