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Indonesian President's visit to China has yielded fruitful results
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Recently, Indonesian President Joko started his trip to East Asia with China as the first stop.

According to the introduction of the Ministry of foreign affairs, zoko's visit to China has created two "firsts": zoko is the first foreign head of state to visit China after the Beijing Winter Olympics, and China is also the first stop of President zoko's first trip to East Asia after the epidemic.

Although the visit was not long, it yielded fruitful results. The two sides issued a joint press statement, renewed the memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the "the Belt and Road" initiative and the concept of "global marine fulcrum", and signed cooperation documents in fields such as joint vaccine and genetic research, green development, information exchange and law enforcement, cyber security capacity-building, oceans, and the export of Indonesian pineapples to China.

Despite the impact of the epidemic, the bilateral trade volume between the two countries still exceeded US $120billion last year, with a year-on-year increase of 58.6%, ranking first among ASEAN countries. China has also become Indonesia's largest trading partner for the ninth consecutive year, and is also the country's third largest investor.

At present, Indonesia is facing rising commodity prices and domestic inflationary pressure, and hopes to strengthen cooperation with China.

However, the closer China and Indonesia are to each other, the more unstable the United States will be.

The day before Joko left for China, Milly, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff of the US military, was visiting Indonesia. You know, Milly, who hasn't been to Indonesia for 14 years, is now dusty. He also said something about "coping with China's challenges". He must also want to brush up his sense of existence before Joko leaves for China.

Now, ASEAN countries are focusing on coping with the epidemic and recovering their economies. At this juncture, who would be willing to be bothered by the United States.

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