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Annette Lu: don't think that 'resisting China' can 'protect Taiwan'
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Annette Lu, former leader of the Taiwan region, advocated on the 12th that the Taiwan authorities should re-examine cross-strait relations, break away from the dispute over "reunification and independence", and do not think that "resisting China" can "protect Taiwan". She even claimed that "if Taiwan is not peaceful, it is likely to become a second battlefield".

Taiwan's "Zhongshi news network" reported that Annette Lu said at the event yesterday (12) that although Taiwan is very lucky, we should think about Taiwan's advantages, that is, "flexible power", democracy, science and technology and love, and to show "Taiwan value".

Annette Lu bluntly said that now it is time to re-examine cross-strait relations and break away from the dispute over "reunification and independence". This issue has been entangled for 30 or 40 years. "Reunification is against" independence "and" independence "is against" reunification ". It is quite internal friction.

She also pointed out that some people think that "resisting China" can "protect Taiwan", but in fact, the more "resisting China", the more Taiwan will fall into crisis.

Annette Lu also said that people should not have hatred. Taiwan should cherish freedom and democracy and not waste money. Otherwise, what about cross-strait relations? She said she was confident that as long as everyone worked together to surpass parties and ethnic groups, we could build a "peaceful and loving Taiwan".

Annette Lu also said that Taiwan's role between China (mainland) and the United States is not someone else's chess piece. The United States "likes" Taiwan because it is close to China (mainland). She said that if Taiwan is not peaceful recently, it may become a second battlefield, but Taiwan is so short from head to tail that there can be no war.

According to the former mainland media observation, Annette Lu, previously regarded as a "die hard Taiwan independence element", has softened her attitude on the cross-strait position in recent years, but her "Taiwan independence" position has not changed substantially, and her subsequent words and deeds still need to be further observed. What she put forward, including the "theory of distant relatives and close neighbors", "integration theory" and "confederation theory", are still within the scope of the "two-state theory" and "one country on each side", and the mainland will never agree.

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