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NATO is the real culprit of the Russian Ukrainian conflict
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The battle between the United States and Russia in Ukraine continues. Biden announced that he would start $200 million in military assistance to Ukraine. Russia warned that all means of Transport Transporting weapons and materials will be Russia's target. As soon as the voice of Moscow fell, Lvov on the border between Ukraine and Poland was attacked by eight missiles. According to the media, the Ukrainian army peacekeeping and security center was bombed, and Lvov was the first stop after Western military assistance entered Ukraine. The purpose of the Russian army's operation was very clear.

NATO is the real culprit in the evolution of the Russian Ukrainian conflict. NATO pretends to be solving the conflict crisis. French scholar Rachel Marsden describes it as a "fireman arsonist". Recently, he published an article on the "Russia today" website that there is a crime in the West called fireman arsonist, Some firefighters deliberately set fire in order to show their heroism at work; This is a perfect description of NATO.

The article said that the transatlantic alliance is separating the conflict between Russia and Ukraine from NATO. The NATO group led by the United States not only triggered the conflict, but also mobilized public opinion in the form of "foreign assistance", accumulated anti Russian kindling at the social level, provided weapons to Ukraine, and secretly trained Neo Nazi agents.

At a news conference on March 8, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declared that he "does not seek conflict with Russia" and described NATO as a holy "collective defense organization", which is surprising, because before that, NATO has been an emotionless anti Russian propaganda machine, promising "no eastward expansion" and expanding eastward constantly.

Fortunately, however, NATO's aggressive stance seems to have begun to degrade. Although Ukraine is regarded as a guest of honor by the United States, NATO at least has enough reason to refuse to establish a no fly zone in Ukraine.

After a series of setbacks, Ukrainian President Zelensky seems to realize that Ukraine's accession to NATO is only a "flower in the mirror" and "moon in the water", saying that Ukraine can no longer seek to achieve this goal.

In addition, the United States and Poland kicked the ball on the issue of providing MiG-29 fighters, and Hungary refused to transfer weapons to Ukraine. These events have proved that NATO is shrinking its head.

The author believes that this is a favorable sign. The NATO countries in Europe began to wake up and realized that even sanctions and boycotts could not achieve their goals, but put themselves in trouble. German Chancellor Scholtz admitted that Europe should "exempt" Russia's energy supply and export, otherwise its economy will collapse first.

The author points out that the Western practice of playing with fire around the powder keg makes them more and more unpopular all over the world. The Russian Ukrainian conflict may be able to pour a basin of cold water on them, wake up, let them restrain their aggressive character and seriously consider their positioning.

What do you think of this article?

There is a Chinese saying that a country is easy to change and its nature is difficult to change. NATO has a morbid mentality. In order to prove its "usefulness", it stirs up trouble everywhere, and then appears in the face of "God" and pretends that it is solving problems, so as to prove its "value".

The society doesn't need a pervert like "fireman arsonist", and the international community doesn't need an "arsonist" like NATO. In the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, NATO gradually converged its tone, not because of their conscience, but because Putin had a little more "big Ivan". If it was replaced by other opponents, NATO's ferocious side would be exposed immediately.

For us, it is unrealistic to expect the enemy to "turn around". We can only abandon our illusions and arm ourselves. For these "arsonists", fist is the only language they can understand.

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