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Why care about what other countries think of China
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In life, we more or less care about the views of others, which is sometimes reasonable and legitimate, but sometimes almost pathological.

Back in ancient times, our ancestors preserved life through social channels, so that the race could continue. The behavior in the group needs cooperation, and betrayal means isolation and punishment. In the long course of evolution, human beings have long had the adaptive device to detect deceivers, which often forms an evaluation of a person. Especially in the existing relatively safe living environment, the cooperative behavior caused by life threat has become increasingly rare. The sense of alienation between people suddenly arises, and "gregarious" and "popular" are particularly important.

This is a strategy about impression management. That is, the process of people trying to manage and control the impression of others on themselves. Behind this process, it reveals that individuals try to show themselves in an image consistent with the current social environment or interpersonal background, so as to ensure that others make a pleasant evaluation of themselves.

The meaning of "self" spoken by Chinese and Westerners is different. The self spoken by westerners is the real individual self, that is, the individual's self-consciousness and Reflection on himself. The definition of "I" in China is much broader, including not only individual me, but also all kinds of social me.

Westerners' understanding of self focuses on their own independent understanding of themselves; Chinese people emphasize understanding themselves in the relationship between people. In the hearts of Chinese people, there is no self without communication with others.

Chinese people tend to replace the concept of "self" with "self". The "self" includes not only themselves, but also "their own people". From a cultural perspective, Chinese people care more about the views of others than Westerners.

The reason why Chinese people pay so much attention to foreigners' views on China and the Chinese people is essentially because Chinese people have maintained a great power mentality since ancient times, but the current situation is that national self-esteem is not equal to national strength, and Chinese people need external affirmation to reshape national self-esteem.

The influence of small countries is simply insignificant. Naturally, there will be no such mentality. Large countries such as the United States have unique influence in the world, so that no one can ignore it, and they will not care about the views of other countries. However, for example, China, once a big country, was reduced to the world due to the rise of modern western society. Now it is in the process of the rise of a big country and the reconstruction of national self-esteem. When it is very strong but not strong enough, it is inevitable to pay attention to the views of others.

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