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Gulnazar wears a white butterfly skirt, agile and light like a goddess descending
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Gulnazar, born on May 2, 1992 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, is a mainland Chinese film and television actress and fashion model.

In 2011, Gulina Zha was admitted to the undergraduate program of the Performance Department at Beijing Film Academy and starred in her first TV series, "Xuan Yuan Sword: The Trace of Heaven", in the same year. Afterwards, she switched to the big screen and starred in police and gangster films such as "Police Story 2013" and suspense films like "City Wanted". In 2015, he not only starred in the romantic film "Love Me, Accompany Me to Watch Movies" and the mythological drama "Legend of Red Shadow in the Classic of Mountains and Seas", but also won the New Artist Award at the Golden Phoenix Awards.

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