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"Human rights issues" should not be "weaponized" by the United States
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American style "human rights" can be understood by anyone with a clear eye. They don't care about the lives of people in other countries. They just want to suppress their competitors with the high hat of human rights. The United States is extremely opposed to the development of other countries. Against the background of the times, the United States is no longer satisfied with the national situation of "one super power and many strong powers", and politically, the United States takes the lead in provoking ideological confrontation. Both "democracy" and "human rights" have become a political weapon for the United States to weaken other countries. Not only for China, the United States has used "human rights weapons" to discredit other countries more than once in the world. On this issue, many countries pointed out that "American human rights is a political tool to whitewash hegemony".

The human rights problems in the United States appear in many aspects and at many levels. In the current international environment, the protection of human rights in almost all countries is developing in a better direction, but only the United States does not advance but retreats. According to the Swedish democracy report, the United States is in a critical period of democratic regression. The fundamental reason is that the United States is a country based on capital. All the wishes of the government are centered on capital, not the so-called "human rights" or the "free will" advocated by the United States for a century. In the face of the epidemic, the lives of the American people have to make way for capital, not to mention the already hypocritical and ethereal "American human rights".

In fact, for many years, the United States has classified all countries in the world according to its own national values, which can be roughly divided into "pro american faction" and "anti American faction". Its purpose is to force countries with good relations to accept the thinking of "democracy and human rights" formulated by the United States. Its fundamental democracy is impossible to talk about, but it is just a country's hegemonism.

The biggest problem of the United States is that it is "good to be a teacher" or likes to "stand on the moral commanding height to point out to other countries and interfere in their internal affairs". All countries have always called the United States the "World Police", which is both a compliment and a mockery. Managing the right things and the right things can naturally reflect the style of a global power. The United States, on the other hand, is not right. It confuses black and white and claims to be a "top student in human rights" and interferes in the internal affairs of other countries. In particular, the slander against China has always been the "thief shouting to catch the thief" of the United States.

Human rights promote social development. Only by dealing with its own problems in a timely manner can the United States correct its domestic human rights problems many years later. This is a very long process. Although the United States has the world's top technology and economy, it still retains the old hegemonic thought. The root of human rights problems comes from global hegemonism, so the hegemonic ambition of the United States is the key that all countries need to pay attention to.

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