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China will commercialize 6G technology around 2030
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An official from the China 6G promotion team stated that China is working hard to commercialize the next generation wireless technology after 5G, 6G, around 2030.

Wang Zhiqin, the leader of the China 6G Promotion Group and Vice President of the China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, stated on Wednesday on China Central Television that the 6G standard is expected to be formulated in 2025.

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced on Tuesday that China has allocated 6GHz spectrum to 5G and 6G systems.

The department stated that considering its coverage and capacity advantages, the 6GHz spectrum is the only high-quality resource with large bandwidth in the intermediate frequency, and pointed out that the 6GHz spectrum range is particularly suitable for future deployment of 5G or 6G systems.

In the next steps, the department will consolidate the foundation of 6G applications, promote interdepartmental cooperation, cultivate a strong 6G ecosystem, and promote the development of globally unified 6G standards.


Compared to 5G, the data transmission rate of 6G may reach 50 times that of 5G, and the latency can be reduced to one tenth of 5G. It is far superior to 5G in terms of peak speed, latency, traffic density, connection density, mobility, spectrum efficiency, and positioning ability.

The 2023 Global 6G Development Conference was held from December 5th to 6th and released a series of white papers, including "6G Network Architecture Outlook" and "6G Wireless System Design Principles and Typical Features". The former outlined the 6G network system and deployment architecture, while the latter proposed the overall architecture and design principles of 6G wireless systems. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has made it clear that it will advance the cultivation of a 6G application ecosystem and achieve commercial use of 6G around 2030.

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