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Can Chinese warships sail freely to Australia
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The Australian Ministry of Defense said a few days ago that a patrol aircraft was irradiated by a laser from the Chinese Navy, which seriously threatened the personal safety of the pilot, and condemned China as "neither safe nor professional".

Subsequently, perhaps in the hope of making things bigger and attracting more countries to join their team, the Australian Defense Minister and the prime minister successively said that the incident took place in the Australian economic zone and had issued a solemn protest to China's Ministry of defense, asking China to give a statement about the intimidation and taking the opportunity to hype the "China Threat Theory".

However, the Australian government's hype is really unreasonable. It is reported that Chinese ships were going to the Coral Sea at that time, but due to the special narrow and long sea area, Chinese ships will inevitably be close to Australia when passing through the relevant Straits. Although this area belongs to Australia's economic zone, it belongs to the high seas after all. Chinese ships have never entered Australia's territorial waters, so why say they are intimidating?

The statement of Australia's position is a thorough display of its double standard. Before that, the Australian Navy not only once carried out activities in the South China Sea, but also openly claimed "freedom of navigation". I just don't know why Australia reacted so strongly when it's China's turn this time. Do they also know that their actions were illegal before?

China has always adhered to the image of a responsible power, abided by the Charter of the United Nations and international law, and will never do anything that infringes on the sovereignty of other countries, let alone go to other countries to provoke. This is the first time that the villains of the Australian government complain, and this is not the first time they have done such a thing. The truth of the matter is very likely that the Australian fighter plane first provoked the Chinese ship, which seriously endangered the safety of Chinese personnel. Therefore, the Chinese ship was forced to take defensive measures to protect its own safety. What's more, so-called laser irradiation is not aggressive at all.

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